My name is Petar Bivolarski and I am the person behind Webstyr. I have worked with web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over 10 years as a freelancer, SEO consultant in a Danish web bureau, and as a business- and web development in a larger consulting firm. I started Webstyr after I graduated with my MBA from the University of Southern Denmark in order to fulfill my dream of helping other companies and entrepreneurs to reach new heights. My customers would describe me as a responsible and reliable person, who is always there to help and often takes initiative for new improvements and for creative ways to solve existing problems.


I come originally from Bulgaria`s second largest city - Plovdiv. When I was in high-school, I started working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress. I wanted to be more financially independent and since there were no student jobs at the time, I chose to take matter in my own hands and started earning money from the internet. I developed websites and worked as a SEO and web development freelancer on different projects.

In august 2011 I left my home city of Plovdiv to come in Denmark and study a Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management at VIA University College in Horsens.

In addition to all new things, I also had to use the next few years to learn Danish. :-)


I graduated on the 30. of January 2015 from my Bachelor degree in Horsens and started the day after an MBA in the University of Southern Denmark in the city of Odense.

During my education I used my free time to further develop my competencies. I worked as a SEO consultant at a local web bureau, after which I started a student job in Insero, where I remained in 3 years. There, I developed amongst others WordPress websites, did Search Engine Optimization and managed AdWords and Facebook campaigns.


I graduated from my MBA with an average grade level of 91%. Even though I was busy with my studies, I made sure to find time for further development in the online world, where I worked on different projects both as a freelancer and during student jobs.

After my graduation I started Webstyr, where I use my competencies within web development and search engine optimization to be a valuable and reliable partner for my clients. I also have a graphic designer and content writer in my team, which makes us capable of handling various types of projects.